Action Against Hunger’s vision is of a world without hunger

  • Crisis in Yemen

    Amid surging violence in Yemen, millions of families are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The nation risks plummeting further into humanitarian crisis, if instability continues.

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  • Teaching about giving: it's never too early!

    2000 days Pre-Kindergarten is helping other young children around the world with Action Against Hunger. Here’s how they turned an art project into a creative way to make a difference!

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  • Story from the field: Miara Combarri

    Meet Miara Combarri and her mother Yonli: Miara suffered from severe malnutrition twice before fully recovering her health. Read about her journey at an Action Against Hunger health centre.

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  • Crisis in South Sudan

    Thousands of young children are at risk of life-threatening hunger in South Sudan but their plight is going unheard. Uncover the silent crisis in South Sudan through our new web documentary.

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  • Lava's story: Courage and Resilience in Iraqi Kurdistan

    March 8 2015 was International Women's Day. Let's celebrate the accomplishments and contributions women have made around the world through sharing stories of women like Lava, who fight for equality and empowerment.

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Crisis in Yemen

    SMART Methodology

    SMART is an improved survey method for the assessment of severity of a humanitarian crisis based on the two most vital public health indicators: Nutritional status of children under-five and Mortality rate of the population.

2013 Learning Review

This important document assesses the successes and shortcomings of our organization in an attempt to learn and improve our performance every year.

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Progress Report 2013

Read Action Against Hunger's progress report outlining the progress made toward our organisation’s international strategic goals, established for 2010-2015.