Action Against Hunger’s vision is of a world without hunger

  • A Hidden Crisis: Malnutrition in Northern Senegal

    Senegal is often thought of as the regional hub of business, culture and tourism in West Africa. And yet, in the desert-like Northern regions of Matam and Saint Louis along the Mauritanian border, between 10,000 and 12,000 children under five suffer from severe acute malnutrition yearly in a persistent annual crisis.

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  • A Message From Our Colleagues in Nepal

    In the last month we have reached over 18,000 people thanks to the tremendous commitment and dedication of our 160 colleagues in Nepal. Our team in Nepal explain why they set aside their own personal trauma to help others while sending their thanks to you for your support.

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  • Canadian Students Unite to Fight Against Hunger

    Since January 2015, Canadian students united to fight against global hunger to raise over $6,650 for Burkina Faso. This has allowed us to save the lives of over 147 malnourished children.

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  • The Need for Mental Health Care and Psychosocial Support in Nepal

    When disasters like the earthquake in Nepal happen, they leave mental as well as physical scars. That’s why we’re training health staff in psychological and social care, so that they can deal with their own trauma and help other families cope better.

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  • Action-Spotlight: Meet Chef Eric Wood

    We here at Action Against Hunger Canada have had the esteemed pleasure of working with some truly fantastic and inspired individuals. This month’s action-spotlight falls on one such person, Chef Eric Wood.

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A Hidden Crisis: Acute Malnutrition in Northern Senegal

    SMART Methodology

    SMART is an improved survey method for the assessment of severity of a humanitarian crisis based on the two most vital public health indicators: Nutritional status of children under-five and Mortality rate of the population.

2014 Learning Review

This important document assesses the successes and shortcomings of our organization in an attempt to learn and improve our performance every year.

2013 Progress Report

Read Action Against Hunger's progress report outlining the progress made toward our organisation’s international strategic goals, established for 2010-2015.

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