Action Against Hunger’s vision is of a world without hunger

  • Surviving in Somali`s Displacement Camps

    The safety, dignity and basic human rights of the 1.1 million people displaced inside Somalia urgently need to be protected. Read their stories.

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  • Colombia: A Sabotages Pipeline Contaminates Vital Water Source

    Action Against Hunger’s teams in the field are working to provide emergency assistance and reduce the risks associated with contaminated water in Tumaco before conditions worsen.

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  • Yemen: Insecurity spirals after ceasefire breached

    A second failed UN-secured ceasefire and increasing violence leave aid workers desperately seeking access to families in need.

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  • A Hidden Crisis: Malnutrition in Northern Senegal

    In response to the earthquake on April 25th that devastated Nepal, Action Against Hunger has launched a cash-for-work project in the village of Kabilash, located in the Nuwakot district of Nepal.

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  • Drought in Guatemala Raises Hunger Threat

    Three years of erratic rainfall followed by a drought during the planting season in 2014 has put the food security of nearly 1.5 people in danger in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala.

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  • Canadian support for Action Against Hunger's Maternal and Child Health Initiative

    The Government of Canada announced $8.5 million in funding for a new project “Maternal and Child Health Initiative” (MATCH) of Action Against Hunger and its partners in Guatemala and Kenya.

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  • The uncertain future of Iraq's displaced

    In August 2014, thousands of people fled the fighting in the Sinjar region and the Ninewah Governorate to Iraqi Kurdistan with stories of the displaced trapped in mountains. A year later, the situation remains almost unchanged.

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Colombia: A Sabotaged Pipeline Contaminates Vital Water Source

    SMART Methodology

    SMART is an improved survey method for the assessment of severity of a humanitarian crisis based on the two most vital public health indicators: Nutritional status of children under-five and Mortality rate of the population.

2014 Progress Report

Read Action Against Hunger's progress report outlining the progress made toward our organisation’s international strategic goals, established for 2010-2015.

2014 Learning Review

This important document assesses the successes and shortcomings of our organization in an attempt to learn and improve our performance every year.

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